Thursday, 6 November 2014

Perception - My short love story with Metro Rail Project of Hyderabad

It's four months that I am married... Post marriage when I shifted to my in-laws place, my biggest fear was.... unlike others... to be able to learn the directions from my new residence to the workplace!
Born and brought up in Hyderabad.. I am guilty to admit that I am novice when it comes to routes. Not so guilty actually for I am quite used to stopping my  scooty and asking uncles and aunties for the way forward till I finally reach the destination.... So you see I am pretty used to performing such acts of shamelessness!

Yikes! I am going off track now... I am here to narrate my story of change in perception towards metro rail construction. So here it goes... When I joined back office post 15 days wedding leave, my husband accompanied me to and fro the office building at Hi-tech for about a week. Finally left me unattended and advised me to follow the metro rail project so that I don't get lost.

I followed the metro pillars religiously and thankfully reached the office building without any need for stopping and seeking aid! Quite an achievement for a person like me :D I pat my back and was in love with the metro pillars!

But the love story didn't last long. Now that the route is engraved in my mind and I also remember a few landmarks at the spots where I have to take turns.. (sometimes left sometimes right....)  I gradually developed a feeling of irritation towards the metro pillars and the job being done.

Well I agree initially they were of great help to me but now they create nuisance... traffic jam... occupying the road space.. etc.. etc...

And today on my way back I was thinking about love and love lost... And I feel it followed the simple theory of perception... Perception- function of "object being perceived", "Perceiver"  and "surroundings/circumstances". And that my change in perception of metro project was due to change in surrounding/circumstances...

The object being perceived in this case the metro project didn't change neither did I, the perceiver. What changed with time was my need... the circumstance. I think so is the case with any thing else... Love towards people included!

Ok ok.. I am not going to get philosophical..... This was my short love story with the metro rail and my understanding of "perception". Do let me know about your love or hate story related to the metro rail project in Hyderabad in the comments section below.

You can also talk about your perception... or anything you feel like sharing after reading this post.


  1. Such a simple way of explaining a concept as complicated as perception..Really impressive..

    A good start indeed ..All the best!


    1. Aww! That makes me feel good and inspires me to share more of my experiences...

  2. Good one Sheema..Keep Going..


  3. Humans need change even though many don't accept it unless the want created out of desire or boredom forces them. Perception is because of want.

    1. Glad you took some time and read my post.... If it is a matter of want than I so so much want to travel in Hyderabad metro rail. Just can't wait to see the Hyderabad's beauty multiply manifold with HMR